Rihards Vītols
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In the work I am exploring the Amazon rainforest sounds that we, usually, cannot hear. These sounds are produced by the Amazon rainforest plants, animals, insects and birds. Work is a part of my research on communication among plants, insects and birds to find a way to save forests after birds extinction. In this part of research I am interested in ultra sounds. William J. Mattson and Robert A. Haack, in their paper The Role of Drought in Outbreaks of Plant-eating Insects, suggested that insects can here the trees produced sound emissions. The sound emissions in the trees are produced in cavitation process – when the water from ground is going up to the tree branches it makes sound in the range between 20 kHz and 2000 kHz. My goal during the residency was to record sounds around 30 trees so I could research these sounds and try to find the sounds that might be made by the tree it self. In my notebook I marked the tree pattern ( how fare the trees are each from the other ) of recorded trees. Each tree will be one parabolic speaker ( makes sound hearable only in one particular place , like shower ). Speakers will be set up in the same pattern as the trees in my note book and hanged in ceiling. By walking through the installation and stopping in particular places you will be able to here the sounds which one of the 30 trees would here/produce in the Amazon rainforest.
Left - documentation from recorded trees and patterns of recording. Right - speaker setup. Image from KHM Rundgang 2017. Image from data.logs at RIXC gallery 2017. Image from data.logs at RIXC gallery 2017. Image from data.logs at RIXC gallery 2017.